Resort Closings

Closing Services

Congratulations on the purchase or sale of your timeshare. The next step is the legal transfer of ownership. Resort Closings is here to ensure a secure transfer process. Most customers will want to select the Complete Closings, because it adds the extra security of a title and account search.

If you have questions about the terminology below, check give us a call or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Basic Closing Complete Closing
Document Preparation
Escrow Services
Deed Recording
Resort Notification
Attorney Review
Account Search
Property Tax Verification
Settlement Statement

Additional Services

If you don’t need one of the complete closings packages above, we offer our service on an a la carte basis as well.

Escrow Services

We’ll hold all funds in our secure trust account until all parties meet the terms of the sales contract.

Quit Claim Deed

If you are transferring a timeshare to a family member a Quit Claim deed is a fast and easy solution.

Title Search

To give you peace of mind, we will check for any outstanding liens filed against the property.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a step above a title search. It will guarantee the property is free of encumbrances.